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Melanie McLeod
Speaking Grammar
Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:34

Hey, Megan:

I agree that it is difficult to teach writing skills to students who have incorrect speaking grammar or a speech disability. With regards to the speech issue, our phonics program should hopefully assist the issue of letter-sound correspondence with word study. For students with incorrect grammar usage, I just repeat back the correct way to verbalize their communication and have them repeat it back to me in the correct grammar format. This is what I have always done for those types of speech difficulties. However, I would love to know if their is a certain strategy or technique that would even assist these students more explicitly with correct grammar usage.

  • Instruction - megangouge, Fri Oct 23 08:39
    I agree that speaking and listening skills through communication are our goal in grammar instruction. How do we reach the students who have poor speaking skills for example, using the incorrect... more
    • Speaking Grammar - Melanie McLeod, Sat Oct 24 12:34
      • Speaking Grammar - shannonsilver, Mon Oct 26 22:15
        I agree with both of you. In this county more students are hearing improper grammar because of where we live. I haven't figured out wether it is a cultural reason to speak that way or if they really... more
        • Everyday Grammar - Melanie McLeod, Tue Oct 27 05:50
          Shannon: I agree....people in our area tend to use incorrect grammar in their everyday speech. Therefore, it's imperative that we consistently model and correct any misuse of grammar used within the... more
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