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LEA method
Mon Oct 26, 2015 15:30

Roach Van Allen is the creator of the Language Experience Approach. He recommended writing down exactly what the student says without correction. For exactly the reason you've identified. LEA is a way of teaching beginning reading. You can't teach everything at once to beginners (or any learners for that matter). The goals of LEA are to help children connect that what they say can be written and read; and to provide a successful reading experience before they can read very well independently. Don't fix their grammar or syntax when using this strategy.

  • Grammar and Language Experience Approach - haleyferrell, Mon Oct 26 11:39
    Hello all, I have a question. I am working with one student and we are creating LEA's everyday. He really likes telling me stories that I am writing down for him. The problem I am running into is his ... more
    • Re: Grammer and... - abramsjm, Wed Nov 4 21:49
      Hi Haley, I read your question and was wondering if he really is focusing in on the initial sounds of each word. It sounds so simplistic, but LEA's are so short and explicit that I have found by... more
    • LEA method - koppenhaverd, Mon Oct 26 15:30
      • LEA stories - haleyferrell, Thu Nov 5 08:16
        Thank you for the reply and since then I have not corrected him when he tells me his story. He enjoys reading his stories because he reads them fluently with accuracy. We have about 4 stories now and ... more
      • Re: LEA method - megangouge, Mon Nov 2 16:10
        Thank you for clearing this up. I also had the same question as Haley because I have a student (well actually quite a few) who do not speak grammatically correct so I was unsure how to proceed.
        • Re: LEA method - candithompson, Mon Nov 2 16:12
          I would have also corrected my students. I understand that we are trying to connect spoken word to text. Glad to know this!
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