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Re: Grammer Instr. vs. ...
Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:58

When I read your post it made me think back to how I was taught grammar not only in English...but in Spanish classes as well..all rules! I hated it. Years later...I returned to school at the college level and was required to take a foreign language. I dreaded it remembering all those awful grammar days! However to my surprise everything had changed...I enrolled in a Spanish class and it was all taught in a conversational way. It was so fun and I learned 100% more in one semester of Spanish than I did for two years back in H.S. I actually looked forward to Spanish 2 and did well in it. I don't think everyone is on board even today however, my son is at a community college and his English class is still being taught as a grammar rules based instruction. I can feel his detachment from the class...I hate it for him.

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