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Tue Oct 27, 2015 13:37

I just went on several sites in search of more Kinder apps. I loved the ideas and artwork in Storybird and tried a few times to make a picture book. I don't think it is easy enough for Kinders to manage without significant support but I may be wrong. I am going to continue to play with it because I can see the potential of this app. It has the right idea but I need it to be easy enough for my students to manipulate to create their own little stories.

  • Writing Technologies - shannonsilver, Mon Oct 26 22:49
    For extra writing and creativity/imagery instruction I found that my students (and their parents) love storybird.com. Last week we finished our literature group book and I wanted them to write an... more
    • Writing Technologies - Martha Brown, Thu Oct 29 23:34
      Shannon I like the idea of having students write an extra chapter to the end of the book. The Storybird artwork is great for enhancing the reading. I would be very interested in seeing one of their... more
    • Writing Tech. - abramsjm, Tue Oct 27 13:37
      • Scribble Press - shannonsilver, Tue Nov 10 11:54
        last week I used Scribble Press with two of my kindergartners we had a blast. The week before we had completed the group writing session of a LEA about carving our pumpkin. (I brought a pumpkin to... more
        • Scribble Press - Martha_Brown, Wed Nov 11 11:31
          This is such a wonderful idea. This is great for reinforcement of learning. The hands on part of this with carving the pumpkin, writing the sentences, and then when you bring in the technology with... more
    • ? - megangouge, Tue Oct 27 10:41
      Did you have students to complete this at home for homework? Many of our students don't have technology or internet at home, making many of our resources not available to them at home...
      • Storybird - shannonsilver, Tue Oct 27 11:10
        At the beginning of the year I wrote a letter asking about the technology at their homes. All of the letters came back signed saying that the students had access to both computers and internet at... more
        • Re: Storybird - candithompson, Mon Nov 2 16:04
          So what was your plan B? I would love to use my website for snow days. However, I have a few that do not have email or do not respond to my emails. However, I love this idea and think the kids will... more
          • Plan B - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 2 21:14
            If you had time you could cut up random pictures from magazines and place them in ready to go baggies. The would have a blank book that they would have to make using the pictures and write a story... more
            • Re: Plan B - candithompson, Tue Nov 3 07:13
              Thanks! I love that you said, "If you had time"!
        • LOVE this - megangouge, Tue Oct 27 12:27
          Great idea! I love this!! We try to communicate with parents through email and I have always had parents who said they didn't have an email.
          • Storybird - Regina, Thu Oct 29 21:38
            I agree that is a great idea! If all of my students have access to the internet/computer, they could use Storybird on snow days, as well as, other sites that are fun and educational!
            • Storybird - Martha_Brown, Thu Oct 29 23:23
              I also really liked the Storybird website and certainly see why students and parents as well would enjoy this. What a wonderful way for them to see the publication of their writing. Children will... more
              • Little Bird Tales (app/website) - Melanie McLeod, Sat Oct 31 09:29
                Ms. Martha: For teachers who have student of primary grades, there's another website/app called "Little Bird Tales" that is a nice website. Kids can use the voice recorder and draw a picture to tell... more
                • Little Bird Tales(app/website) - Martha Brown, Sun Nov 8 22:43
                  I really liked the "Little Bird Tales" app. It is great all the ways this can be used with the younger children. I can see how the younger students will enjoy the Art Pad piece. The pre-readers can... more
                • Re: Little Bird Tales (app/website) - Anonymous, Mon Nov 2 23:39
                  Melanie, Thank you for sharing about the Little Bird Tales. I will check this out. In looking at these websites/apps, I have thought a lot about what age we should first start to encourage the... more
                  • Re: Little Bird Tales (app/website) - Martha Brown, Mon Nov 2 23:47
                    Melanie, Thank you for sharing about the Little Bird Tales. I will check this out. In looking at these websites/apps, I have thought a lot about what age we should first start to encourage the... more
                • Re: Little Bird Tales (app/website) - candithompson, Mon Nov 2 15:56
                  Melanie Thanks for the new app! I have never used it, but just set it up and plan on adding it to my website.
                  • Storybird - megangouge, Fri Nov 6 08:51
                    I had not heard of this either and spent some time exploring the website since I am having the storage issue. I am assuming the app would be even more "kid friendly" and I really want to download it... more
                  • Little Bird Tales - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 2 20:14
                    You are welcome, Candi! I hope it works well for your class. I learned about "Little Bird Tales" when attending the 2015 ACS Technology Institute, and it's really child-friendly.
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