Dragon Dictation
Tue Oct 27, 2015 14:06

During my son's years in high school he tried using dragon dictation to take notes because he had trouble writing quickly. He liked it somewhat, but it did cause heads to turn as it is voice activiated, and other kids would be looking at him. So I feel in the right situation it definately has great uses and benefits, but one downside is the attention drawing factor. For lower grades the students may not be that self conscious.

  • Dragon Dictation - Melanie McLeod, Wed Oct 14 06:15
    I looked up Dragon Dictation after you mentioned it, and it seems to be a wonderful app for struggling writers to get their thoughts and content down on paper where it is legible. Not all students... more
    • Dragon Dictation - abramsjm, Tue Oct 27 14:06
      • Dragon dictation - Amanda grindstaff, Wed Oct 28 06:10
        When we first got iPads I tried this with my class on some things and they loved it. I was teaching second grade at the time. I can see though where older students might be self conscious with it,... more
        • RE: Dragon Dictation - joanneabrams, Fri Oct 30 17:14
          I have never tried this app with my own students because we didn't have the 1:1 initiative when I taught students old enough to use it. The only experience I do have, was when my own child used it.... more
      • Dragon Dictation - Melanie McLeod, Tue Oct 27 14:33
        As you mentioned, I don't think it would be as distracting for lower elementary students to use this app within a group setting if needed. However, I understand what you are saying about drawing... more
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