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Re: grammar
Wed Oct 28, 2015 16:10

Yes! I have recently had parents ask me how much they should correct their child's writing. I think it's important for us to model making mistakes too. I have seen my students confidence boost so much last year and this year when I take the pressure off of them and let them know it is okay to make mistakes and just let them write. I do not really mark in or correct their "writers notebooks". I am glad to know that research says that dissecting students writing will not improve their writing.

  • Re: grammar - brittanyavery, Tue Oct 27 20:42
    Candy, you said: "Students must first enjoy writing so teachers can then build on that to expand their writing abilities. If we have students pick out verbs, nouns etc I don't think they will enjoy... more
    • Re: grammar - candithompson, Wed Oct 28 16:10
      • Re: grammar - byrdaw, Sun Nov 1 06:22
        Your students are so blessed to have a teacher like you! I completely agree with you on the idea of letting students "just write." I have observed my own students look at writing time with excitement ... more
        • Re: grammar - candithompson, Mon Nov 2 10:25
          It has made a big difference for my students. I think we put a lot pressure on our students even when we don't realize it. We have so much on us and students are expected to do so much. I know that I ... more
          • Re: writing - abramsjm, Sat Nov 7 17:27
            I too see a difference these past two years with my students level of excitement about writing. Prior to Dr. Frye's class, I taught it in a more traditional way which included grammar and... more
            • Re: writing - candithompson, Mon Nov 9 15:17
              I have started persuasive writing, which my kids are loving. However, they have asked me if they can have time to write "their stories" too. I have never had this before.
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