Re: Making predictions with penzu
Fri Oct 30, 2015 18:45

I really like this site too. I also thought it would be a good place to let them write their summaries instead of their journals after reading groups, but I love your idea for predicting with it. I'm really focusing on making predictions during reading group, especially with my lowest group. Sometimes they get tired of doing it, so this would be a good way for freshen it up.

I've been thinking lately about things my "early-finishers" can do besides worksheet packets full of mindlessness. I think Penzu would be a good thing to introduce to these students to let them journal write. Often times during writing workshop they want to write about how much they like their best friend, or how much they love their parents, instead of personal experiences or small moments with those people. Penzu could be a place for them to "free journal write" so their writer's notebooks would be used only for personal narratives.

  • Making predictions with penzu - haleyferrell, Wed Oct 28 10:36
    I also like penzu. Each day I have my 4th and 5th grade students predict what might happen in the upcoming stories they are reading based on the title and previous stories read that week. They... more
    • Re: Making predictions with penzu - brittanyavery, Fri Oct 30 18:45
    • Penzu - Melanie McLeod, Thu Oct 29 19:48
      Haley: I think that Penzu would be a wonderful way for your upper elementary/middle school students to create reading response journal entries. I would like to try it with my younger students, but... more
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