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Mon Nov 2, 2015 09:22


When I looked at Skitch I also thought about our Informational unit and how students and teacher can utilize the app for various things. My students would like this because they would be able to take pictures and add or manipulate the picture however they want. It would give them a sense of ownership in not only the writing but the illustrations as well.

  • Re: Writing Discussion - brittanyavery, Thu Oct 29 21:34
    One of the apps I've been looking at incorporating is Skitch. You can can annotate and mark up pictures from your camera role and screen shots. My first thought was to use this with the skeletal and... more
    • Skitch - haleyferrell, Mon Nov 2 09:22
      • Skitch-Character Analysis - Melanie McLeod, Tue Nov 3 06:24
        Hi, Haley: I think using Skitch would be great for my younger students to write a character analysis. They could take a photo of a character in their reading and type/write character traits around... more
    • Re: Writing Discussion - brittanyavery, Thu Oct 29 21:38
      The two strategies I feel like Skitch would work for would be text structure instruction and creativity/imagery instruction.
      • Skitch - megangouge, Mon Nov 2 12:48
        I can even see studnets taking pictuires of a page of a nonficton text and labeling the text features.
        • SORRY correction - megangouge, Mon Nov 2 12:49
          That is horrible!!! I can even see students taking pictures of a page of a nonfiction text and labeling the text features.
          • Re: SORRY correction - Amanda Grindstaff, Wed Nov 4 06:14
            I think sketch would be awesome for non fiction as well even in kindergarten. We also teach non fiction features and could teach the. To label the features...good idea Brittany!!
            • Sorry - Amandagrindstaff, Wed Nov 4 06:15
              Or good idea Megan.....can't remember whose idea the labeling features was. :)
          • Re: SORRY correction - brittanyavery, Mon Nov 2 16:23
            Yes, that would be a great idea. That could even be used as an informal assessment to see which text features they truly understand.
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