Mon Nov 2, 2015 12:48

I can even see studnets taking pictuires of a page of a nonficton text and labeling the text features.

  • Re: Writing Discussion - brittanyavery, Thu Oct 29 21:38
    The two strategies I feel like Skitch would work for would be text structure instruction and creativity/imagery instruction.
    • Skitch - megangouge, Mon Nov 2 12:48
      • SORRY correction - megangouge, Mon Nov 2 12:49
        That is horrible!!! I can even see students taking pictures of a page of a nonfiction text and labeling the text features.
        • Re: SORRY correction - Amanda Grindstaff, Wed Nov 4 06:14
          I think sketch would be awesome for non fiction as well even in kindergarten. We also teach non fiction features and could teach the. To label the features...good idea Brittany!!
          • Sorry - Amandagrindstaff, Wed Nov 4 06:15
            Or good idea Megan.....can't remember whose idea the labeling features was. :)
        • Re: SORRY correction - brittanyavery, Mon Nov 2 16:23
          Yes, that would be a great idea. That could even be used as an informal assessment to see which text features they truly understand.
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