Plan B
Mon Nov 2, 2015 21:14

If you had time you could cut up random pictures from magazines and place them in ready to go baggies. The would have a blank book that they would have to make using the pictures and write a story that goes with it. Our plan for our students not having internet was letting them complete the assignment at an allotted time of the day so that they could participate in the technology component. I even went as far to see if Tracy would let the students sign a contract to sign out a white machine so that they could use it at home.

  • Re: Storybird - candithompson, Mon Nov 2 16:04
    So what was your plan B? I would love to use my website for snow days. However, I have a few that do not have email or do not respond to my emails. However, I love this idea and think the kids will... more
    • Plan B - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 2 21:14
      • Re: Plan B - candithompson, Tue Nov 3 07:13
        Thanks! I love that you said, "If you had time"!
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