amanda grindstaff
sock puppets
Fri Nov 6, 2015 08:51

Thanks Megan!!! I need to add it back.

  • Sock Puppets - megangouge, Fri Nov 6 08:17
    I think the actual name is just Sock Puppets Amanda. I have also used this app in the past and my students loved it. Like so many apps, I use them and then forget to add them back every year when we... more
    • Re: Sock Puppets - candithompson, Mon Nov 9 15:14
      Oh my gosh!! I totally forgot about this app! I need to make a list of apps so that I can make sure to put them back on my student iPads. It was very kid friendly. I have used this for many different ... more
    • Sock Puppet Fluency Reads - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 7 08:47
      Hey, Ladies: Sock Puppet is great for having students practice fluency readings, as well.
    • sock puppets - amanda grindstaff, Fri Nov 6 08:51
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