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Re: writing
Sat Nov 7, 2015 17:27

I too see a difference these past two years with my students level of excitement about writing. Prior to Dr. Frye's class, I taught it in a more traditional way which included grammar and corrections. At the Kinder level I now see the importance of "getting them hooked" on the process, and then feeling sure that everything else will find it's right place in time, and with good instruction. We just finished our narrative unit but my students wanted me to add more paper in their Writer's Notebooks because they loved writing their stories. However, I want to begin my Persuasive Writing Unit, but will still try and keep Narrative Writing alive through my writing centers etc.

  • Re: grammar - candithompson, Mon Nov 2 10:25
    It has made a big difference for my students. I think we put a lot pressure on our students even when we don't realize it. We have so much on us and students are expected to do so much. I know that I ... more
    • Re: writing - abramsjm, Sat Nov 7 17:27
      • Re: writing - candithompson, Mon Nov 9 15:17
        I have started persuasive writing, which my kids are loving. However, they have asked me if they can have time to write "their stories" too. I have never had this before.
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