joanne abrams
Beginning reading
Mon Sep 7, 2015 10:24

Melanie, I too have felt frustrated in the past by students not being able to discriminate between words after many practices in their readers and other lessons. One of the things that I have found to be helpful is sentences cut up, and then glued onto a strip. This allows a tactile experience for them to actually have to separate those words. I have had some luck with this activity for students needing this intervention.

  • Beginning Reading Model - Melanie McLeod, Sun Sep 6 21:06
    I teach 1st grade, and most of my students are reading at the preprimer and primer levels. However, I have been able to watch the beginning reading progression with my strategic intervention... more
    • Spacing during writing - shannonsilver, Wed Sep 9 20:55
      Just off the top of my head, I saw a teacher who was writing in front of her students and she was using a clothes pin that was decorated like a person and she would put the clothes pin after the last ... more
      • Popsicle sticks - megangouge, Tue Sep 15 07:42
        I have also used the popsicle sticks and it really seems to work with my students. They have something to help them "hold" on to how many words in the sentence. I would love to know more about the... more
        • Skype - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 15 12:36
          I posted a picture on skype. They are called "Spacemen" and you can get them from
    • Re: Beginning Reading Model - brittanyavery, Mon Sep 7 16:25
      Melanie, I also used the popsicle stick method with my first graders last year. This seemed to work well, and what I noticed was that students automatically quit using them when they knew they no... more
    • Beginning reading - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 7 10:24
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