Mon Nov 9, 2015 09:01

I have used wordle in the past for character traits or describing words. We used wordle with classmates and with characters from books.

  • website information - byrdaw, Sat Nov 7 00:57
    My students enjoyed using the wordle to create. They liked the ability to edit words, font and color. We discussed the use of this website in different classes and determined it could be useful in... more
    • Wordle - megangouge, Mon Nov 9 09:01
    • Wordle - walshjm2, Sun Nov 8 22:04
      Adele, I enjoyed playing around with Wordle myself and I think this would be a great place for my students to create a product that they can have fun making. This app. is super neat as you can... more
      • Wordle Gifts - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 9 17:06
        Hey, Ladies: I think the Wordle site would be great for all age groups to write character traits/adjectives for text characters or for real people they know. It would be great to create adjectives... more
        • Re: Wordle Gifts - candithompson, Tue Nov 10 07:26
          Great idea!! This would be great gifts for the kids to give their parents for Christmas and it is free!!
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