Scribble Press
Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:54

last week I used Scribble Press with two of my kindergartners we had a blast. The week before we had completed the group writing session of a LEA about carving our pumpkin. (I brought a pumpkin to school and we carved it the week before Halloween. Later that week we wrote about our experience and I put the sentences they dictated on sentence strips. The next day we found that someone??? had cut up all of our sentences to our story and we would have to put them back together to recreate the story using our concept of word and beginning sounds skills. (I had taken a pic of the sentences so I would be able to tell them what the sentence had said.) Together the boys glued the sentences back together and the story was complete on a piece of chart paper. We decided to make a digital book about carving the pumpkin so I decided to use Scribble Press to let them type the sentences and illustrate the pages for their own book. I had to model drawing and typing but soon they caught on. It took us a week to complete the book on scribble press but they turned out great. Each boy had to complete the last page of their book. They had to tell me about their pumpkin or make up a story about something their pumpkin does. One of the boys described and named his pumpkin. The other told me a story about how his pumpkin steals Halloween candy from people. It was really cute. Scribble press was very easy for the students to work with and it allows them to insert pictures of their own as well. The only problem I had with the app was that it wouldn't email me a copy of the books. I did take some pictures and I post them on Skype.

  • Writing Tech. - abramsjm, Tue Oct 27 13:37
    I just went on several sites in search of more Kinder apps. I loved the ideas and artwork in Storybird and tried a few times to make a picture book. I don't think it is easy enough for Kinders to... more
    • Scribble Press - shannonsilver, Tue Nov 10 11:54
      • Scribble Press - Martha_Brown, Wed Nov 11 11:31
        This is such a wonderful idea. This is great for reinforcement of learning. The hands on part of this with carving the pumpkin, writing the sentences, and then when you bring in the technology with... more
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