Melanie McLeod
All-in-One Beginning Reading Apps
Mon Sep 7, 2015 10:29

Hi, Joanne:
I am wondering, too, if there is a specific app/apps that combine all or most of the aspects of this reading model so that we do not have to look everywhere for apps to piece together for daily student practice. I know that there are letter-naming and writing apps, but I would love to have an all-in-one app that had the kids practice beginning consonant sounds, letter-sounds, letter-names, ending consonant sounds, etc. This would be helpful to have an all-in-one app that was free or that could be purchased through county funds. What are the names of some of the apps that you use to help your students meet these beginning reading goals?

  • Beg. Rdg Discussion - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 7 10:07
    I am a Kindergarten teacher so this lecture seemed to help define much of what I do. The bubble visual was very helpful as it gave me a concrete visual to say yes...that is generally the continuum... more
    • Beginning Reading Model - Martha Brown, Sat Sep 12 00:05
      The bubble visual is very helpful and gives a great picture of the Beginning Reading Model process. With working with younger children, I continue to see the importance of reading in the home with... more
      • Beginning Reading Model - walshjm2, Sun Sep 20 21:17
        The importance of being read to is so significant in building a foundational success in reading. It is proven time and time again the effects of being-read-to are very obvious when a child begins... more
      • Re: Beginning Reading Model - Amanda, Sun Sep 13 14:11
        I remember the first class we had with Dr. Morris and he stressed the importance of reading at home. I already knew this but it has made me more cognizant of the students I have. I am amazed just... more
        • BRModel - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 14 17:13
          I have several this year that seem to fit that same description. I am amazed that some students that are english only speakers, ask me things like...what's a building, or other words that I would... more
        • Beginning Reading Model - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 13 23:02
          Some situations I have worked with in past years have really opened my eyes to attitudes from home in regard to reading. I heard one parent voice that teaching her child to read was the... more
          • Re: Beginning Reading Model - byrdaw, Sat Sep 19 15:31
            After learning about the quantity of vocabulary knowledge that students who are read to in comparison to those who are not read to or not read to daily have at the beginning of kindergarten, it... more
            • Beginning Reading Model - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 20 23:39
              It is so important that we encourage all parents to spend time reading to their children. If they can only realize the impact this can have for their child and their future education it makes such a... more
            • Re:Beg Rdg. Model - abramsjm, Sun Sep 20 11:23
              I found your comment about daily reading very interesting Adel, and so very true! My son was diagnosed with a reading disability in 2nd grade, but I have always tried to continue reading with and to... more
          • Re: Beginning Reading Model - Amanda, Sun Sep 13 23:13
            I agree and it is so sad. It makes me really understand why we need to send homework that is on the child's independent level. With not only English language learn ears but with English only learners ... more
    • Concept of word - shannonsilver, Wed Sep 9 21:04
      I am teaching a first grade girl who is EC and she is having a difficult time developing concept of word so that she can move farther on the continuum. Other than writing a sentence on sentence... more
      • Re: Concept of word - Candi, Thu Sep 17 07:34
        One idea that Loretta gave me a couple years ago is to use colored popsicle sticks to represent the sentence. For example, if she wants to make the sentence, I have two dogs. You would have her use... more
      • Re: Concept of word - brittanyavery, Fri Sep 11 07:43
        I know this may sound very obvious, but simply modeling and practicing (over and over) finger tracking/ pointing helped a student who I had last year who was also EC and had the same difficulty... more
        • Re: Concept of Word - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 15 22:18
          The finger pointing is also beneficial to the younger children. As teachers read books to the pre-school children, it is helpful to point to the words as they are read. A lot of times, even though... more
        • Re: Concept of word - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:42
          As an EC teacher, I love the idea of this practice. I model this as I read aloud to my middle schoolers and ask that they do the same. I also have my students tracking as other students read aloud as ... more
      • Concept of word - joanne abrams, Thu Sep 10 17:11
        One idea may be to use a cardboard strip half the size of a ruler and cut out a small window big enough for a word to fit in it. As she slides it along the sentence, she will notice the white spaces... more
        • Concept of Word - walshjm2, Sat Sep 12 22:01
          Joanne, I like your idea about using a cardboard strip to aid in gaining a concept-of-word. This seems like it could be a good option for teaching concept of word to children who are struggling with... more
          • Concept of word - joanne abrams, Sun Sep 13 11:25
            It has been a useful tool for my students...I believe that some Teacher Stores carry a better than home-made version of the cardboard strip that has a colored piece of cellophane in the window. But... more
    • All-in-One Beginning Reading Apps - Melanie McLeod, Mon Sep 7 10:29
      • Word Wizard - shannonsilver, Wed Sep 9 21:08
        Tommie showed me a great app that helps with letter sounds, onset and rime, phonemic segmentation and more. I bet you could use it in a small group of students. It's something that you would have to... more
        • Re: Word Wizard - candithompson, Tue Sep 22 10:51
          Thanks for the new app! We need to work on a list of apps for our county. Maybe we have it already and I do not know about it.
        • What's the app name? - Melanie McLeod , Wed Sep 9 21:41
          What is the name of the app?
          • APP - shannonsilver, Thu Sep 10 16:00
            Word Wizard
      • apps - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 7 11:20
        Melanie, My Ipad is at school but if my memory serves me correctly some of them include...Little Speller and Little Reader 1,2 and 3, Sight Words for Kids, Raz Kidz,and Reading Magic are just a few... more
        • Apps - Martha Brown, Sun Sep 13 23:10
          Thank you for sharing some of the ones you like. Are you aware of or have any suggestions for the pre-school age children?
          • apps - joanne abrams, Mon Sep 14 17:08
            Martha, I usually search the free apps and that way if I don't like them I havent't lost anything...if I do I buy them. There are tons to try...just go to the App store app. Hope that helps in some... more
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