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Re: reading discussion
Fri Nov 13, 2015 20:53

I understand what you are saying regarding making what we do each day have true meaning and count. Too often in the past, and even today, we require students to engage in busy work that really won't equate to usefulness in the real world. Making contraptions for Humpty Dumpty as you mentioned, and bridges for the Three Billy Goats involves problem solving and creativity. As we both have discussed in the past, often times it's those students that we may not ordinarily assume, who are the ones to come up with many creative designs or ideas. I agree that we've seem to have come full circle, but I also like to think that along the way we've picked up more knowledge with each completed circle.

  • reading discussion - amanda grindstaff, Thu Nov 12 03:08
    I think being of the frame of mind where I have to see something anymore for it to make sense I thought of the technology institute we had this summer when I was reading though a couple of these... more
    • Reading discussion - Regina, Sun Nov 22 19:36
      Amanda, I feel the same as you do, when we are teaching we are always learning new and better ways to do things. When I read the articles I thought back to when we first got the iPads. We did not... more
    • Re: reading discussion - byrdaw, Fri Nov 20 04:35
      I completely agree. I am blessed to work with a technology teacher in our building. The students are using the 3D printer to make parts for a wind mill of their own design and recording their process ... more
      • 3D Technology - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 21 07:46
        Adele: I think the 3D printer technology is wonderful. My daughter really enjoyed working with and learning about this new technology. I believe that exposing girls to this type of technological... more
    • Re: reading discussion - abramsjm, Fri Nov 13 20:53
      • Efficient Technology Use - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 16 19:50
        Technology is a way of life for modern-day students. As all educators, I want to learn as many new, efficient ways as possible to incorporate literacy activities/apps into my students' daily routine. ... more
        • Re: Efficient Technology Use - byrdaw, Wed Nov 18 21:29
          I agree that technology is a "way of life" for most students. The ability for students to appropriately use technology for educational purposes is a continual process. Simple acts such as using the... more
        • RE: tech use - abramsjm, Tue Nov 17 20:42
          Melanie, I too agree it has become a new way of life for all of us. It's imperitive to equip students today with this sort of knowledge and know how, so they can compete in the global workplace. That ... more
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