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amanda grindstaff
Sun Nov 15, 2015 21:07

Brittany - I won the assistant lottery when I received the one I have. I am able to do guided reading while she does writing and then we both tackle interventions and our students get double the interventions. But I am in an unusual situation by having a veteran assistant who received lots of good strong training along with teachers. She chose to be trained in writing. It would be very difficult to do what we do within our classroom during this time without help. I remember teaching second grade and having to plan for lots of tasks at the same time to make sure that everyone was busy and feeling like i was giving lots of busy work even though it was work they were able to do and needed to do. The iPad in a way has alleviated the need for so many worksheets, if used appropriately in upper grades. I feel if children in upper grades can be trained to use the iPad appropriately that they can do the same activities on pages, keynote and even certain apps that they could do on paper. Not to say the need to paper pencil work is obsolete. In kindergarten we try to find apps that teach rhyming, letter sounds, the alphabet and such and put all those on one page. On another page we have math, on another science/social studies and on another books. When we assign put students on iPads during groups, we lock them onto guided access which requires them to stay where we put them and they can't venture off onto other games. This is something we just found this year and believe me, the first day you found our really quick who had been breaking the rules because it was the very ones who were frustrated and kept saying "my iPad is broken". I actually had one child who finally just laid his head down on his arm in frustration and say "I give up". I couldn't help but chuckle. I can show you how to turn on guided access if you think it would help you monitor iPads. Back to guided reading though, I would really like to be one of those teachers who could develop language arts centers while working with guided reading groups, but when I feel like maybe this is the year I can't get my head around it enough to get it organized. I need to see how someone else has it set up and to have them show me how to do mine in order to do it. I am a learning by doing kind of girl!!

  • Re: Calvert - brittanyavery, Sun Nov 15 18:09
    Amanda, you made a good point discussing the use of iPads while you're working with guided reading groups. Currently, depending on students' strengths, areas of need, and reading levels, my students... more
    • Daily 5 - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 09:31
      In the past, I have used Daily 5 so that I could complete reading groups while my students were working independently. I would like to have some apps, ideas of using technology in these areas so that ... more
      • Re: Daily 5 - candithompson, Thu Nov 19 15:27
        I would love apps to use with daily 5 too! I have found it harder to find appropriate activities for younger students. Keep in mind my first graders did not use a lot of technology last year.I wish... more
        • Word work (Daily 5) - shannonsilver, Wed Nov 25 11:22
          Is there a way to make a google doc for students to sort word card or use quizlet. I have used quizlet for digital flash card games with students but I have also been able to facilitate. I know you... more
          • Word Sort app - haleyferrell, Mon Nov 30 11:42
            I like the sound of this and I could see the benefits from it. My concern would be not having the ability to listen to the students say and repeat the words in the columns and/or correct them if they ... more
            • App for Sorting - Melanie McLeod, Tue Dec 1 05:41
              Haley: I love the idea of having an app specifically created to make word cards for sorting. I would love if such an app would have the feature to record their reading of the words in the columns so... more
          • Re: Word work (Daily 5) - candithompson, Sun Nov 29 16:26
            I used to have all the Letterland units on smart notebook with lots of interactive activities and word sorts for each unit. However, with the last update and now we do not have smart notebook I... more
            • App - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:46
              It is just taking forever to find the time to develop it. It might be a few snow days before I have something to share.
      • Daily 5 - Martha Brown, Tue Nov 17 23:49
        Will you please tell me a little about what Daily 5 is or where to find information about this. Thank you
        • D5 - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 18 19:29
          Hi, Ms. Martha: Daily 5 is a reading center rotation schedule where students may work on: Read to Self, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work, or Read to Someone. As Megan mentioned in her... more
        • Daily 5 - megangouge, Wed Nov 18 09:07
          "Daily five" is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently. During Daily 5 time children will be working on completing meaningful literacy ... more
          • Daily Five - Regina, Thu Nov 19 09:03
            iPads are a great resource for the Daily Five because the student can listen to a book on RAZ kids for the listening portion. They can read to the iPad and record for the read aloud to someone. I am... more
      • re: Daily 5 - amanda grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 14:37
        Megan, I'm the opposite. I have heard about Daily 5 for years and I started reading about it this summer. I would love to start it in my classroom. I think it is an excellent way of organizing and... more
        • Daily 5 - megangouge, Wed Nov 18 09:14
          Amanda, I did not call it daily 5 when I was K/1. I didn't start actually calling it Daily 5 until I was straight first, but I kept some of the same ideas. If I am in kindergarten next year, I am... more
    • ipad/assistant - amanda grindstaff, Sun Nov 15 21:07
      • Re: ipad/assistant - brittanyavery, Mon Nov 16 10:29
        Guided access...whhhaaat?!? Why have I not heard of this!!! That is so tell your kids to work on certain apps and be sure that's what they're doing! Here at Riverside, K-2 are fortunate... more
        • Re:iPad/assistant - Amanda Grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 06:27
          Oh let me tell you how to set guided access...go to settings, general, accessibility, guided access, set passcode...set your passcode to something easy to,remember...then to lock iPads you triple... more
          • Re:iPad/assistant - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 21 10:38
            I wil definitely be trying out the guided access. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to get into your rooms over the summer. This is only my second year, but if I hadn't had... more
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