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Re: ipad/assistant
Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:29

Guided access...whhhaaat?!? Why have I not heard of this!!! That is so tell your kids to work on certain apps and be sure that's what they're doing!

Here at Riverside, K-2 are fortunate enough to have several hands help with guided reading groups so they're not trying to run reading groups and keep everyone else on task at the same time. Now that I'm in third grade, I have reading groups on my own, and I realize how I took all that extra help for granted last year. I also learn by doing, so this article was very motivating and insightful but it would be so great to actually see these literacy stations in action and get to talk with the teach who facilities them! Did you scan the QR code in the article that showed the fluency station?

  • ipad/assistant - amanda grindstaff, Sun Nov 15 21:07
    Brittany - I won the assistant lottery when I received the one I have. I am able to do guided reading while she does writing and then we both tackle interventions and our students get double the... more
    • Re: ipad/assistant - brittanyavery, Mon Nov 16 10:29
      • Re:iPad/assistant - Amanda Grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 06:27
        Oh let me tell you how to set guided access...go to settings, general, accessibility, guided access, set passcode...set your passcode to something easy to,remember...then to lock iPads you triple... more
        • Re:iPad/assistant - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 21 10:38
          I wil definitely be trying out the guided access. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to get into your rooms over the summer. This is only my second year, but if I hadn't had... more
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