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Melanie McLeod
Fluency Recordings
Mon Nov 16, 2015 19:45

Hi, Brittany:

I like to use apps like Book Creator or Story Creator to have students take photos of the pages of their reader and then record each page of the book to practice fluency. My students have completed this activity on Fridays after reading their leveled-readers the entire week. Also, setting up and practicing literacy stations at the beginning of school (for at least the first month of school) is imperative to make your guided reading/center-time productive for you and your class.

  • Calvert's "Letting Go of Stand-alone Technology" - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 14 14:04
    I'm sitting here at home on a Saturday afternoon, and after reading this article I'm tempting to go to school and start figuring out how I can begin using these suggested literacy stations that have... more
    • Fluency Recordings - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 16 19:45
      • Re: Fluency Recordings - byrdaw, Wed Nov 25 06:20
        For my middle schoolers, I use quiktime as a way for them to record their fluency. The students create a folder on their macbook to store their recordings. They read texts on their independent level... more
        • Recorded readings - shannonsilver, Mon Dec 7 21:05
          What do you have them read and record? Cold reads or something they have read before?
        • Recordings - haleyferrell, Tue Dec 1 12:18
          Last year I had 15 minute literacy rotations in my classroom for a group of four LD students. I had a listening center with various books that I had recorded. One day, one of my students wanted to... more
        • Fluency Timed Readings - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 25 08:56
          Adele: I've even had my first graders work with fluency partners and read and record their results after 1-minute timed readings. They enjoyed participating and seeing their fluency word-count rise.... more
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