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Amanda Grindstaff
Tue Nov 17, 2015 06:27

Oh let me tell you how to set guided access...go to settings, general, accessibility, guided access, set passcode...set your passcode to something easy to,remember...then to lock iPads you triple click, to unlock you triple click and enter pass code. You can also draw a box around like the back button on kids a-z, but make sure before you lock them that you are on the page you want them on with the books so they don't have access to the robot. Also if the turn their iPad vertical they can sneak out. We have a rule it lays horizontal and flat.

I did not scan the qr code but I will! I wish we had a team that did reading groups. I want to have time to set up stations but with 4-h in our classrooms in the summer, not complaining I promise, it's hard to get extra stuff done. I do wish they would move them to different classrooms at our school and let us have ours just a couple of years so we could work through the summer on stuff, then I could have some stuff set up I feel like. Anyways...I will scan the qr code!! Try the guided access....and be prepared to giggle when they get

  • Re: ipad/assistant - brittanyavery, Mon Nov 16 10:29
    Guided access...whhhaaat?!? Why have I not heard of this!!! That is so tell your kids to work on certain apps and be sure that's what they're doing! Here at Riverside, K-2 are fortunate... more
    • Re:iPad/assistant - Amanda Grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 06:27
      • Re:iPad/assistant - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 21 10:38
        I wil definitely be trying out the guided access. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to get into your rooms over the summer. This is only my second year, but if I hadn't had... more
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