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Tue Nov 17, 2015 15:07

I agree that the SAMR model was helpful in that it gave technology skill levels. I hadn't heard of this before. I am mostly having my students work at the lowest two levels; Substitiution and Augmentation. I really need to work on ideas that will incorporate more of the higher two levels of the model; Modification and Redefinition.
I have been on the EPIC website, but haven't ever downloaded the app to any student's iPads. I am excited to try it out. I know i have looked for a few books that I wanted to read aloud to my class and have found them on EPIC before.

  • Reading Literacy & Technology Implementation - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 11 10:37
    What constitutes best practice? I have enjoyed reading about the SAMR Model for connecting technology to Bloom's Taxonomy higher-order thinking skills. I enjoyed reading Patricia Brown's article and... more
    • Reading Literacy &Technology Implementation - Martha Brown, Thu Nov 19 23:27
      Patricia Brown's article helped me with getting a better understanding of the literacy and technology implementation. It was especially helpful in making the comparison to the Starbucks coffee and... more
      • Re: Literacy & Implement. - abramsjm, Sat Nov 21 16:18
        Many of the reading apps now have a student profile feature which allows the teacher to tailor the app for each student's needs. For example, with reading app Raz-Kids, student profiles are loaded,... more
        • Raz-Kids - Melanie McLeod, Sun Nov 22 08:12
          Hi, Joanne: My class uses Raz-Kids everyday. It's a great tool to differentiate reading levels for each child. My students love to work through the libraries. I cannot imagine our classroom life... more
          • RE: Raz-kids - Abramsjm, Sun Nov 22 19:46
            Hi Melanie, I was thinking about Think Central and wondering if anyone still uses it? I have it on my bookmarks bar but it's been so long... I remember learning how to access it more than a year ago... more
            • Think Central - Megan Gouge, Wed Nov 25 09:43
              It is my understanding that there is a new app for Think Central making it more user friendly. I have not used it, but I heard Tommie telling Candi about it. I assume if it is an app, it won't lag... more
              • Think Central - abramsjm, Wed Nov 25 20:16
                Thank you for letting me know that, I will look into it after we get back next week. I remember that I struggled to get that program up and running for my students, so maybe with a new format I may... more
            • Think Central - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 23 20:28
              Hey, Joanne: I use think central, too. However, it's not as user friendly as Raz-Kids. You have to set up your class, any groups you want, and assign books to the kids. It takes me approximately 10... more
              • Re:Thinkcentral - abramsjm, Wed Nov 25 20:13
                Thank you Melanie for letting me know that we still have that as an option for our students. I will try and access it and see if I can get my class set up. If not Tommie can help me I'm sure. The... more
    • Reading - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 15:07
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