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Daily 5
Wed Nov 18, 2015 09:14

I did not call it daily 5 when I was K/1. I didn't start actually calling it Daily 5 until I was straight first, but I kept some of the same ideas. If I am in kindergarten next year, I am hoping to implement it sometime around September. To start first grade I had a simple check sheet with smiley faces that was their accountability sheet. As the year progressed, I asked them to do more with each activity. Daily 5 takes A LOT of prep of teaching procedures and expectations, but I really think its worth it! In the beginning, I would spend a whole week on each of the 5 areas so that they knew exactly what to do. I had students that would get upset if they didn't complete all of their activities for the day and would even work on it if we had recess that day.

  • re: Daily 5 - amanda grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 14:37
    Megan, I'm the opposite. I have heard about Daily 5 for years and I started reading about it this summer. I would love to start it in my classroom. I think it is an excellent way of organizing and... more
    • Daily 5 - megangouge, Wed Nov 18 09:14
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