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Martha Brown
Reading Literacy &Technology Implementation
Thu Nov 19, 2015 23:27

Patricia Brown's article helped me with getting a better understanding of the literacy and technology implementation. It was especially helpful in making the comparison to the Starbucks coffee and what can be added and how the coffee can be enhanced. This really shows how the levels of technology integration have their place in instruction and how this understanding can be a benefit for working with students. There is an opportunity here for flexibility, however we need to know what we want for the students and how we can best facilitate their learning. SAMR is a great way to remember to look at what is done in the classroom. Some students will benefit from doing a task with new technology or substitution. Others may be ready for new features or augmentation. Modification or changing the task can give the chance to personalize a project. Finally in redefinition or a whole new task, students engage in higher level thinking skills and the chance to share with and learn from others even outside of their classroom. The use of iPads offers much for students when we use what is best for a particular learning environment and situation.

  • Reading Literacy & Technology Implementation - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 11 10:37
    What constitutes best practice? I have enjoyed reading about the SAMR Model for connecting technology to Bloom's Taxonomy higher-order thinking skills. I enjoyed reading Patricia Brown's article and... more
    • Reading Literacy &Technology Implementation - Martha Brown, Thu Nov 19 23:27
      • Re: Literacy & Implement. - abramsjm, Sat Nov 21 16:18
        Many of the reading apps now have a student profile feature which allows the teacher to tailor the app for each student's needs. For example, with reading app Raz-Kids, student profiles are loaded,... more
        • Raz-Kids - Melanie McLeod, Sun Nov 22 08:12
          Hi, Joanne: My class uses Raz-Kids everyday. It's a great tool to differentiate reading levels for each child. My students love to work through the libraries. I cannot imagine our classroom life... more
          • RE: Raz-kids - Abramsjm, Sun Nov 22 19:46
            Hi Melanie, I was thinking about Think Central and wondering if anyone still uses it? I have it on my bookmarks bar but it's been so long... I remember learning how to access it more than a year ago... more
            • Think Central - Megan Gouge, Wed Nov 25 09:43
              It is my understanding that there is a new app for Think Central making it more user friendly. I have not used it, but I heard Tommie telling Candi about it. I assume if it is an app, it won't lag... more
              • Think Central - abramsjm, Wed Nov 25 20:16
                Thank you for letting me know that, I will look into it after we get back next week. I remember that I struggled to get that program up and running for my students, so maybe with a new format I may... more
            • Think Central - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 23 20:28
              Hey, Joanne: I use think central, too. However, it's not as user friendly as Raz-Kids. You have to set up your class, any groups you want, and assign books to the kids. It takes me approximately 10... more
              • Re:Thinkcentral - abramsjm, Wed Nov 25 20:13
                Thank you Melanie for letting me know that we still have that as an option for our students. I will try and access it and see if I can get my class set up. If not Tommie can help me I'm sure. The... more
    • Reading - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 15:07
      Melanie, I agree that the SAMR model was helpful in that it gave technology skill levels. I hadn't heard of this before. I am mostly having my students work at the lowest two levels; Substitiution... more
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