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Word work (Daily 5)
Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:22

Is there a way to make a google doc for students to sort word card or use quizlet. I have used quizlet for digital flash card games with students but I have also been able to facilitate. I know you can make a sorting game on notebook it would require sometime (snow day) but would be useful. Then the smart board could be used as a station. I have a friend that is a web designer and I am working with him to create a word sorting app that uses the same materials that we have been given from ASU but just on the IPads so that each student would have the ability to complete word sorts on their own technology.

  • Re: Daily 5 - candithompson, Thu Nov 19 15:27
    I would love apps to use with daily 5 too! I have found it harder to find appropriate activities for younger students. Keep in mind my first graders did not use a lot of technology last year.I wish... more
    • Word work (Daily 5) - shannonsilver, Wed Nov 25 11:22
      • Word Sort app - haleyferrell, Mon Nov 30 11:42
        I like the sound of this and I could see the benefits from it. My concern would be not having the ability to listen to the students say and repeat the words in the columns and/or correct them if they ... more
        • App for Sorting - Melanie McLeod, Tue Dec 1 05:41
          Haley: I love the idea of having an app specifically created to make word cards for sorting. I would love if such an app would have the feature to record their reading of the words in the columns so... more
      • Re: Word work (Daily 5) - candithompson, Sun Nov 29 16:26
        I used to have all the Letterland units on smart notebook with lots of interactive activities and word sorts for each unit. However, with the last update and now we do not have smart notebook I... more
        • App - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:46
          It is just taking forever to find the time to develop it. It might be a few snow days before I have something to share.
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