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Applying technology in the classroom
Fri Nov 27, 2015 08:53

After reading Calvert's article, I was able o reflect on how I use technology in my classroom. Being a special education teacher the time I spend with my students is limited and for the most part only 45 minutes a day. I have always wondered how can I integrate technology in my classroom. I feel that my students should not spend a great deal of time on their iPad when they are with me, because I think that working with them in small group or one on one setting is the most beneficial. That's why they see me right?? Throughout an ordinary day, students overlap sessions times. What I have done in the past is have the students work on Moby Max or IXL for 10 minutes. This gives me enough time to finish up with the previous student or students and get ready for the next group. This seems to work at first but students become disengaged or bored with the apps after a while. From the article this would be considered substitution. Another way I used technology in my classroom was last year when I worked on informational text with my kindergarten students. This consisted of research and web design. The finished product was awesome however, the students didn't use the technology like I wished because the task was too advanced for them which required a lot of adult supervision and guidance. This process I think would be augmentation because they were using technology as a tool for the assignment. I want to use technology in my classroom but I don't want it to consume my teaching. I like how Calvert stated that teachers should "start with the easier stuff first, just as using the tablet or listening to a story, then add in more activities where students create something." This is my motto because like I said before my time is limited with my students and I am not going to spend most of my time figuring out how something works on the iPad when I could be working with my students closing the gap between their performance level and their grade level. The best thing I could do is find time (after school or summer) to work with the iPad myself and try and see what could or could not be completed by my students.

    • Tech vs. "old-fashioned" Teaching - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 28 08:07
      Haley: I agree that using technology when applicable is needed. However, I feel that many times we are "expected" to use it with all lessons and activities. I want to incorporate it as much as I can, ... more
      • Re:Tech vs. - joanneabrams, Tue Dec 1 22:25
        Hey Melanie, I too am glad about this course as it has pushed me to make the time to become more familiar with apps that I may not have ordinarily taken the time to do. Now that I have began, I... more
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