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Melanie McLeod
Tech vs. "old-fashioned" Teaching
Sat Nov 28, 2015 08:07


I agree that using technology when applicable is needed. However, I feel that many times we are "expected" to use it with all lessons and activities. I want to incorporate it as much as I can, but good "old-fashioned" teaching and learning is very valuable within the classroom. Also, having the time to explore new technology and practicing using it takes time. With regards to this class, at least we have had more opportunities to explore new apps to assist with literacy within the classroom; which has been a positive experience.

  • Applying technology in the classroom - haleyferrell, Fri Nov 27 08:53
    After reading Calvert's article, I was able o reflect on how I use technology in my classroom. Being a special education teacher the time I spend with my students is limited and for the most part... more
    • Tech vs. "old-fashioned" Teaching - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 28 08:07
      • Re:Tech vs. - joanneabrams, Tue Dec 1 22:25
        Hey Melanie, I too am glad about this course as it has pushed me to make the time to become more familiar with apps that I may not have ordinarily taken the time to do. Now that I have began, I... more
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