Melanie McLeod
Mon Sep 7, 2015 12:34

Yes....then it's crazy that we have to take quality instructional time out of our lessons to practice and monitor Nonsense Word fluency. I hope they eventually eliminate this part of the assessment if everyone gives it negative feedback on surveys.

  • Re: NWF - brittanyavery, Mon Sep 7 11:32
    Yes, knowing letter sounds is basically the only thing it's good for!
    • Aggravating - Melanie McLeod, Mon Sep 7 12:34
      • Aggravating - Regina, Wed Sep 9 17:16
        I agree! I have always disliked the nonsense word assessment. Not only do we have to assess each student, but then we have to take the time to progress monitor the students that are not proficient.... more
        • Re: Aggravating - byrdaw, Mon Sep 14 18:33
          I would like to be informed of that reason as well. I believe there are numerous other ways to assess if students have the ability to decode words without using nonsense words. Are there other... more
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