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Re: Calvert's Article
Mon Nov 30, 2015 20:20

I would love to have consistency with technology language and skills. I am glad you mentioned the free time on iPads. I don't know how other teachers handle free time on iPads and what type of apps/games they have, but I would love to know others thoughts. I feel that some teachers have a lot of free time and not appropriate apps. I tend to disappoint a lot of kids when they get to my class with their "free time". I do use some of the thinking maps on their iPads, but you can only do so much with those. I have uploaded my calendar templates on my web site and the students can open it in noteability, but it is not interactive.

I know in our K-2 teach PLC we talked about starting a goolge doc with apps and what they can be used for. I think this would be very beneficial. It would help me.

  • Calvert's Article - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 09:25
    After reading your response, I went back in and reread the part in the article that had those questions. I have wanted to do the same thing with iPads and Smart Board. Calendar Math is such a huge... more
    • Re: Calvert's Article - candithompson, Mon Nov 30 20:20
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