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Literature Groups
Mon Nov 30, 2015 22:44

I sent a letter home that asked about technology and they all had access that's why I went ahead with it. I think that if the student's didn't have technology at home it could easily be a part of inclusion in the classroom reading groups as long as you have a cooperating Gen Ed teacher. Also it could take place during reading intervention time. I am collaborating with the Gen Ed teacher of the 5th graders and she is allowing this to be their homework grade and a major part of their reading grade within their classroom. She also has access to the Haiku page so she can see all of the work that we are doing. With a little planning, this could totally happen in an inclusion setting. The students have 24 hours to complete the assignment so sometimes they do it at home and sometimes they use classroom independent time to complete it.

  • Literature groups - haleyferrell, Fri Nov 27 09:00
    Do your student have access to internet at home? And, are they completing this assignment at home? I like the idea but I know most of my student don't have access to internet at home and I wouldn't... more
    • Literature Groups - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:44
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