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Digital Literature Group
Mon Nov 30, 2015 22:56

I think that you could do a simpler version of asking one or two questions that include connections or opinions and have them blog about it. They might be able to dictate their answers into text and upload it to a blog. I'd have to run the idea by Tommie and find out what is a more simple program to use for 1st graders to start them on these skills. I'm sure there's a way!

  • Re: Digital Literature Group - candithompson, Mon Nov 30 20:31
    I love this!! I want to do more activities like this, but with first grade I can't seem to figure it out. For one, I have 23 students and I feel that it takes me so much time to teach them new... more
    • Digital Literature Group - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:56
      • Re: Digital Literature Group - candithompson, Tue Dec 1 19:59
        Tommie will be with me tomorrow for Scratch, so I will get some ideas from her. What program or app do you use for blogging?
        • Blog - shannonsilver, Wed Dec 2 08:15
          I have used kidblog but I am using the discussion board in Haiku.
          • Re: Blog - candithompson, Thu Dec 3 07:07
            I wish first grade had access to more on Haiku. I met with Tommie yesterday and I am going to work on kidsblog.
            • Planning - shannonsilver, Thu Dec 3 08:28
              When do you have planning? I can come by and help if you would like.
              • Re: Planning - candithompson, Thu Dec 3 11:42
                1:30, I think that is when you have class.
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