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Tue Dec 1, 2015 12:18

Last year I had 15 minute literacy rotations in my classroom for a group of four LD students. I had a listening center with various books that I had recorded. One day, one of my students wanted to record a book that he had been reading for some time. I thought it would be good for him to record himself on his iPad. I thought that this would be a great thing and he would enjoy it. Unfortunately, after 3 tries he got upset and frustrated because he kept making errors while reading and he didn't like the sound of his voice on the recording. I tried to encourage him to record it again but he just got even more frustrated. This was so disheartening because I really thought he would like to record himself reading. This student had/ still has behavior problems which sometimes interferes with his work ethic. I might try it again because this was during October of last year and he has really matured over the past year. Do you think I should try it?

  • Re: Fluency Recordings - byrdaw, Wed Nov 25 06:20
    For my middle schoolers, I use quiktime as a way for them to record their fluency. The students create a folder on their macbook to store their recordings. They read texts on their independent level... more
    • Recorded readings - shannonsilver, Mon Dec 7 21:05
      What do you have them read and record? Cold reads or something they have read before?
    • Recordings - haleyferrell, Tue Dec 1 12:18
    • Fluency Timed Readings - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 25 08:56
      Adele: I've even had my first graders work with fluency partners and read and record their results after 1-minute timed readings. They enjoyed participating and seeing their fluency word-count rise.... more
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