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Tue Dec 1, 2015 22:16

I remember about 10 years ago we had a point system for AR. Exactly what you mentioned you witnessed with a young reader would frequently be the case at our school as well. Eventually a decision was made that indvidual teachers could do it if they chose to within their classes, but that it would no longer be school wide. Another idea could be for teachers to set weekly or monthly goals for each student. That way students are not competing against each other, but they are competing against themselves striving to make their goal. My son was a struggling reader, and anything public regarding reading created strife for a teacher and a mom I can understand that.

  • AR/ Points - Megan Gouge, Sun Nov 29 20:41
    We started something similar to AR at BE this year. Students earn points for reading different books. It doesn't matter if it is a book for homework, a book at school or a book on the iPad. Some of... more
    • Re:AR - joanneabrams, Tue Dec 1 22:16
      • Re:AR - Martha_Brown, Sun Dec 6 23:29
        Your idea for teachers setting weekly or monthly goals for students is great. Each student would be working towards their own goal and this would be very motivating yet they would not be pressured to ... more
        • AR - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 17:24
          I also like the idea of setting goals for each child individually. This way they are working against themselves and they aren't worried about who has the most points and stressing over it. I remember ... more
    • Re: AR/ Points - candithompson, Mon Nov 30 20:22
      That would be awesome to have a system online. I have thought about trying to start something in my room, because my kids are so excited about earning points and are reading a lot for the new reading ... more
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