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Melanie McLeod
Doodle Buddy
Fri Dec 4, 2015 21:18


I tried and used Doodle Buddy after reading your response. My students responded very well to Doodle Buddy. We used it with Letterland by using it for word review. After giving each word, we would tap the word sounds, and the student worked together to write the weekly words. This app can be very versatile in the classroom.

  • Rdg. Disc. - abramsjm, Thu Dec 3 14:11
    I have introduced and have felt some level of success with the following two writing apps: Doodle buddy and Hello Chalk. Both of these are super easy to direct Kinders to use for writing short... more
    • Doodle Buddy - Melanie McLeod, Fri Dec 4 21:18
      • Doodle Buddy - Martha Brown, Mon Dec 7 22:56
        I also like the Doodle Buddy for the younger students. This would work well with preschoolers and the early grades. I would like to see this used with Letterland. Word review is a great idea.
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