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Melanie McLeod
Wordle Word Work
Fri Dec 4, 2015 21:23


That's a wonderful idea of how to use Wordle. I think first graders would really enjoy using this activity as a Word Work activity, as well. I'm going to try it with my group!

  • Wordle - brittanyavery, Tue Dec 1 15:27
    I've been looking for new ideas to include in my spelling time that would engage my students and also be an independent activity. After reading one of the articles about Wordle I realized what a fun... more
    • Wordle Word Work - Melanie McLeod, Fri Dec 4 21:23
      • Wordle - Martha_Brown, Mon Dec 7 22:47
        I like the Wordle word app. I plan to try this with word families with the younger students. This will be a good way for them to have visual representation of the word families.
        • Wordle - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 16:50
          I love the idea of using Wordle for word work activities. Children can have that visual stimuli that helps them see the words in a different way. This may appeal and stick with learners who are more... more
    • Wordle - Regina, Wed Dec 2 11:30
      I love that idea! I think it's a great tool for all students. We have used wordle, but not for spelling.
    • Re: Wordle - candithompson, Tue Dec 1 19:26
      Just curious, how do you print from their iPad? I have tried different ways to find the easiest way.
      • Re: Wordle - brittanyavery, Wed Dec 2 09:09
        Good question. That's one reason why I haven't already started doing the reference books. They just show me their work and check from their iPad. I'm thinking that I'll try to figure out how to have... more
        • Re: Wordle - candithompson, Thu Dec 3 07:08
          First grade does not have email. However, I have emailed certain things and I have used messages on their iPad. Just wondering if there was an easier way.
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