Doodle Buddy
Tue Dec 8, 2015 16:48

I think Doodle Buddy is a great app. to use in math, it is easy to use the stamping tool and stamp out the number of objects that you need to add, subtract, multiply or divide. This sam tool can also be used when teaching arrays for building the foundation for multiplication. In reading/writing this app. can be used to practice sight words, create a sentence or sentences and/or illustrate them. This could be a great tool to begin publishing pages of a book that will include illustrations. I really like this app. and think that it has several practical uses that children will enjoy playing around and learning with.

  • Reading Discussion - koppenhaverd, Tue Nov 10 14:58
    Discuss the readings on reading instruction and technology-supported reading here. Consider such questions and ideas as: What constitutes best practice? What ideas do you want to incorporate in... more
    • Doodle Buddy - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 16:48
    • Apps in class - abramsjm, Thu Dec 3 14:17
      The app I have come across that I like very much and have used with much modeling for one specific group of students, is called Storyboardthat. It is a wonderful springboard for graphic novels and... more
    • Rdg. Disc. - abramsjm, Thu Dec 3 14:11
      I have introduced and have felt some level of success with the following two writing apps: Doodle buddy and Hello Chalk. Both of these are super easy to direct Kinders to use for writing short... more
      • Doodle Buddy - Melanie McLeod, Fri Dec 4 21:18
        Joanne: I tried and used Doodle Buddy after reading your response. My students responded very well to Doodle Buddy. We used it with Letterland by using it for word review. After giving each word, we... more
        • Doodle Buddy - Martha Brown, Mon Dec 7 22:56
          I also like the Doodle Buddy for the younger students. This would work well with preschoolers and the early grades. I would like to see this used with Letterland. Word review is a great idea.
    • Wordle - brittanyavery, Tue Dec 1 15:27
      I've been looking for new ideas to include in my spelling time that would engage my students and also be an independent activity. After reading one of the articles about Wordle I realized what a fun... more
      • Wordle Word Work - Melanie McLeod, Fri Dec 4 21:23
        Brittany: That's a wonderful idea of how to use Wordle. I think first graders would really enjoy using this activity as a Word Work activity, as well. I'm going to try it with my group!
        • Wordle - Martha_Brown, Mon Dec 7 22:47
          I like the Wordle word app. I plan to try this with word families with the younger students. This will be a good way for them to have visual representation of the word families.
          • Wordle - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 16:50
            I love the idea of using Wordle for word work activities. Children can have that visual stimuli that helps them see the words in a different way. This may appeal and stick with learners who are more... more
      • Wordle - Regina, Wed Dec 2 11:30
        I love that idea! I think it's a great tool for all students. We have used wordle, but not for spelling.
      • Re: Wordle - candithompson, Tue Dec 1 19:26
        Just curious, how do you print from their iPad? I have tried different ways to find the easiest way.
        • Re: Wordle - brittanyavery, Wed Dec 2 09:09
          Good question. That's one reason why I haven't already started doing the reference books. They just show me their work and check from their iPad. I'm thinking that I'll try to figure out how to have... more
          • Re: Wordle - candithompson, Thu Dec 3 07:08
            First grade does not have email. However, I have emailed certain things and I have used messages on their iPad. Just wondering if there was an easier way.
    • Implementing Internet Workshop - brittanyavery, Tue Dec 1 15:17
      This week I began our internet workshop on holidays around the work. I'm using Padlet to post their questions resources. So far we've worked as a whole group explore the websites and videos I linked... more
    • Re: Reading Discussion - byrdaw, Sat Nov 28 19:56
      The SAMR model provides a simple measure for teachers to apply to all new strategies or resources in education. The substitution of a model with solid reasonings for substitutions enable teachers the ... more
    • iPad for Literacy Learning - Megan Gouge, Wed Nov 25 10:09
      I read the article Exploring the use of the iPad for Literacy Learning... This article discusses many ways to use iPads for reading groups. This is an area I feel we have discussed a lot and an area... more
      • addition - Megan Gouge, Wed Nov 25 10:14
        I hit post before I was finished... One thing that the article brought up that I spent some time thinking about was that while students were using popplet they were given an assignment that allowed... more
    • Cahill and Magill-Franzen digital books - Amanda Grindstaff, Mon Nov 23 00:32
      We use lots of RAZ kids and Epic and downloaded free books every day and we think nothing of it. We read tons and tons of books aloud to our children in our classroom and use storyline online, Barnes ... more
      • Reading - megangouge, Mon Nov 30 21:27
        I have the quote up in my classroom... Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are...
    • Literacy Stations - abramsjm, Sun Nov 22 19:36
      I found Calvert's article on Literacy Stations very helpful and interesting. Each station falls into a specific realm of the SAMR Model. The way I interpret the SAMR Model is that it's a way to... more
    • SAMR Model - Regina, Sun Nov 22 19:03
      I found the reading about the SAMR Model to be very helpful. We are very fortunate to have iPads for each student in our classrooms. I try to figure out the best way to use them so that the students... more
      • SAMR Model - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 16:59
        I learned so much from reading about the SAMR model.I even got into a discussion with Tommie from our Technology department, and she showed me a video clip that was very helpful. The website that had ... more
    • Internet Workshop and Blog Publishing - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 21 11:03
      I chose to read this article since I was familiar with internet workshop form our informational wiring unit in last year's writing class. I was reminded how great it really is. When I first thought... more
    • Literature Circles Go Digital - byrdaw, Thu Nov 19 22:17
      This meets the standards required throughout the common core curriculum. I would like to apply this strategy to my students with a text that none of my students have read. A couple of text options... more
      • Digital Literature Group - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 23 16:12
        I am in the process of doing this now with a group of 4 struggling readers. The article talked about how these college students read a book and completed a literature group role based on the book. My ... more
        • Lit Circles - megangouge, Mon Nov 30 21:24
          I love this idea and would love to see your Haiku page. Being focused more on the lower elementary, these things are much harder to accomplish! Most of my third grade groups would be able to learn... more
          • Haiku and Educreations - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 17:11
            I know Haiku is a huge resource for our school system. Haiku is a great place to use different apps. that model how to's for students. In math you could record yourself working through the steps of a ... more
          • Haiku page - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:57
            I will send you an invite so that you can get on and look around.
        • Re: Digital Literature Group - candithompson, Mon Nov 30 20:31
          I love this!! I want to do more activities like this, but with first grade I can't seem to figure it out. For one, I have 23 students and I feel that it takes me so much time to teach them new... more
          • Digital Literature Group - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:56
            I think that you could do a simpler version of asking one or two questions that include connections or opinions and have them blog about it. They might be able to dictate their answers into text and... more
            • Re: Digital Literature Group - candithompson, Tue Dec 1 19:59
              Tommie will be with me tomorrow for Scratch, so I will get some ideas from her. What program or app do you use for blogging?
              • Blog - shannonsilver, Wed Dec 2 08:15
                I have used kidblog but I am using the discussion board in Haiku.
                • Re: Blog - candithompson, Thu Dec 3 07:07
                  I wish first grade had access to more on Haiku. I met with Tommie yesterday and I am going to work on kidsblog.
                  • Planning - shannonsilver, Thu Dec 3 08:28
                    When do you have planning? I can come by and help if you would like.
                    • Re: Planning - candithompson, Thu Dec 3 11:42
                      1:30, I think that is when you have class.
        • Literature groups - haleyferrell, Fri Nov 27 09:00
          Do your student have access to internet at home? And, are they completing this assignment at home? I like the idea but I know most of my student don't have access to internet at home and I wouldn't... more
          • Literature Groups - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:44
            I sent a letter home that asked about technology and they all had access that's why I went ahead with it. I think that if the student's didn't have technology at home it could easily be a part of... more
    • Struggling Readers and Tech - amanda grindstaff, Thu Nov 19 21:29
      I just finished reading the article entitled Struggling Readers and Technology. It is a short article about mostly inner city individuals incorporating technology into their classroom/programs. The... more
      • Re: Struggling Readers and Tech - byrdaw, Wed Nov 25 06:09
        The article "Struggling Readers and Technology" discussed the continued difficulty in meeting the needs of all students in the general education classroom. The first year teacher applies sound... more
        • Re: - Amanda grindstaff, Sat Dec 5 06:43
          I'll be honest though I don't feel like it's the teacher investing and spending the money as much as it's administration and I feel like in the past few years we have gotten better at sticking with... more
          • Re: - candithompson, Tue Dec 8 15:34
            I understand what you are saying. I see this now with the program they have stared at BE. The 4th and 5th graders are the only ones that are being recognized and the K-1 students are heartbroken and... more
          • AR Program - Melanie McLeod, Mon Dec 7 05:55
            Amanda: I agree with you. I think the AR Program could be a great supplemental program to the literacy curriculum. However, I think the success for all students depends on the teacher's "marketing"... more
        • AR/ Points - Megan Gouge, Sun Nov 29 20:41
          We started something similar to AR at BE this year. Students earn points for reading different books. It doesn't matter if it is a book for homework, a book at school or a book on the iPad. Some of... more
          • Re:AR - joanneabrams, Tue Dec 1 22:16
            I remember about 10 years ago we had a point system for AR. Exactly what you mentioned you witnessed with a young reader would frequently be the case at our school as well. Eventually a decision was... more
            • Re:AR - Martha_Brown, Sun Dec 6 23:29
              Your idea for teachers setting weekly or monthly goals for students is great. Each student would be working towards their own goal and this would be very motivating yet they would not be pressured to ... more
              • AR - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 17:24
                I also like the idea of setting goals for each child individually. This way they are working against themselves and they aren't worried about who has the most points and stressing over it. I remember ... more
          • Re: AR/ Points - candithompson, Mon Nov 30 20:22
            That would be awesome to have a system online. I have thought about trying to start something in my room, because my kids are so excited about earning points and are reading a lot for the new reading ... more
        • Technology and implementation - haleyferrell, Sat Nov 28 22:15
          I like your analogy about teachers/administrators being like raccoons!! Far too often have we seen schools implementing a great new concept, especially with technology, in our classrooms and then... more
      • Struggling Readers - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 23 21:20
        I really liked the idea behind the recreational reading after school help. Wouldn't be awesome if we could put together an after school reading clinic/club that could help those struggling students... more
        • Homework Lab - haleyferrell, Sat Nov 28 22:23
          Here at FTE we have started something like that. The 4th and 5th grade teacher have dedicated one day each week so that students can stay after school to work on items for homework or to stay after... more
          • Homework Lab - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:50
            I think that is great that your school has done this for students and you are seeing results. Sometimes students just need a little extra help to get caught up or to fill a foundational hole and you... more
        • Re: Struggling Readers - byrdaw, Wed Nov 25 05:40
          I like the idea of a reading club after school. I have a "Reading Buddies" club at the middle school level. The students and I go into elementary classes and provide a one to one or two to one ratio... more
      • Struggling Readers and Tech - Martha Brown, Sun Nov 22 22:54
        Amanda, It was interesting to read your thoughts and experiences with the AR books. As my children were in school, they participated in the AR program. Both of them really liked the AR and loved... more
    • The Boy Made of Lightning - byrdaw, Wed Nov 18 21:09
      This book was engaging to my middle schoolers. I readily recommend this work for children of all ages. It presented the topics of overcoming adversity and the power of hard work and determination. My ... more
    • Technology-Supported Reading Instruction - Martha Brown, Tue Nov 17 23:36
      What Constitutes best practice? For the younger learners combining reading with technology(digital picture books) helps the development of decoding and comprehension in materials of interest and... more
    • Calvert - amanda grindstaff, Sat Nov 14 15:26
      In Calvert's article Letting Go of Stand Alone Technology, I was thinking as I was reading it about how I use IPads in my room and within this article there is a box off to the side with a few... more
      • Integration in the classroom - haleyferrell, Mon Nov 30 11:32
        This article was an easy yet informative article that makes the reader step back and reflect on how they use technology in the classroom. I took so much from this article that after reading it I... more
      • Re: Calvert - candithompson, Sun Nov 29 16:22
        This was probably my favorite article I have read in a while. I also wish I could use my smart board and student iPads together more. Tommie use one program where she can quickly show what is on a... more
      • Calvert's Article - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 23 16:18
        This article was my most favorite article we have read this year. It put things into perspective for me and justified some of the things I have been doing or pushing for. I love all of the station... more
        • Calvert's Article - Martha Brown, Mon Nov 23 23:52
          I agree about the Calvert article. It is also great how the stations can be used for the different grade levels. It was especially helpful for me to read about the application in the elementary... more
      • Calvert's Article - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 09:25
        After reading your response, I went back in and reread the part in the article that had those questions. I have wanted to do the same thing with iPads and Smart Board. Calendar Math is such a huge... more
        • Re: Calvert's Article - candithompson, Mon Nov 30 20:20
          I would love to have consistency with technology language and skills. I am glad you mentioned the free time on iPads. I don't know how other teachers handle free time on iPads and what type of... more
      • Re: Calvert - brittanyavery, Sun Nov 15 18:09
        Amanda, you made a good point discussing the use of iPads while you're working with guided reading groups. Currently, depending on students' strengths, areas of need, and reading levels, my students... more
        • Daily 5 - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 09:31
          In the past, I have used Daily 5 so that I could complete reading groups while my students were working independently. I would like to have some apps, ideas of using technology in these areas so that ... more
          • Re: Daily 5 - candithompson, Thu Nov 19 15:27
            I would love apps to use with daily 5 too! I have found it harder to find appropriate activities for younger students. Keep in mind my first graders did not use a lot of technology last year.I wish... more
            • Word work (Daily 5) - shannonsilver, Wed Nov 25 11:22
              Is there a way to make a google doc for students to sort word card or use quizlet. I have used quizlet for digital flash card games with students but I have also been able to facilitate. I know you... more
              • Word Sort app - haleyferrell, Mon Nov 30 11:42
                I like the sound of this and I could see the benefits from it. My concern would be not having the ability to listen to the students say and repeat the words in the columns and/or correct them if they ... more
                • App for Sorting - Melanie McLeod, Tue Dec 1 05:41
                  Haley: I love the idea of having an app specifically created to make word cards for sorting. I would love if such an app would have the feature to record their reading of the words in the columns so... more
              • Re: Word work (Daily 5) - candithompson, Sun Nov 29 16:26
                I used to have all the Letterland units on smart notebook with lots of interactive activities and word sorts for each unit. However, with the last update and now we do not have smart notebook I... more
                • App - shannonsilver, Mon Nov 30 22:46
                  It is just taking forever to find the time to develop it. It might be a few snow days before I have something to share.
          • Daily 5 - Martha Brown, Tue Nov 17 23:49
            Will you please tell me a little about what Daily 5 is or where to find information about this. Thank you
            • D5 - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 18 19:29
              Hi, Ms. Martha: Daily 5 is a reading center rotation schedule where students may work on: Read to Self, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, Word Work, or Read to Someone. As Megan mentioned in her... more
            • Daily 5 - megangouge, Wed Nov 18 09:07
              "Daily five" is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently. During Daily 5 time children will be working on completing meaningful literacy ... more
              • Daily Five - Regina, Thu Nov 19 09:03
                iPads are a great resource for the Daily Five because the student can listen to a book on RAZ kids for the listening portion. They can read to the iPad and record for the read aloud to someone. I am... more
          • re: Daily 5 - amanda grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 14:37
            Megan, I'm the opposite. I have heard about Daily 5 for years and I started reading about it this summer. I would love to start it in my classroom. I think it is an excellent way of organizing and... more
            • Daily 5 - megangouge, Wed Nov 18 09:14
              Amanda, I did not call it daily 5 when I was K/1. I didn't start actually calling it Daily 5 until I was straight first, but I kept some of the same ideas. If I am in kindergarten next year, I am... more
        • ipad/assistant - amanda grindstaff, Sun Nov 15 21:07
          Brittany - I won the assistant lottery when I received the one I have. I am able to do guided reading while she does writing and then we both tackle interventions and our students get double the... more
          • Re: ipad/assistant - brittanyavery, Mon Nov 16 10:29
            Guided access...whhhaaat?!? Why have I not heard of this!!! That is so great....to tell your kids to work on certain apps and be sure that's what they're doing! Here at Riverside, K-2 are fortunate... more
            • Re:iPad/assistant - Amanda Grindstaff, Tue Nov 17 06:27
              Oh let me tell you how to set guided access...go to settings, general, accessibility, guided access, set passcode...set your passcode to something easy to,remember...then to lock iPads you triple... more
              • Re:iPad/assistant - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 21 10:38
                I wil definitely be trying out the guided access. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to not be able to get into your rooms over the summer. This is only my second year, but if I hadn't had... more
    • Calvert's "Letting Go of Stand-alone Technology" - brittanyavery, Sat Nov 14 14:04
      I'm sitting here at home on a Saturday afternoon, and after reading this article I'm tempting to go to school and start figuring out how I can begin using these suggested literacy stations that have... more
      • Fluency Recordings - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 16 19:45
        Hi, Brittany: I like to use apps like Book Creator or Story Creator to have students take photos of the pages of their reader and then record each page of the book to practice fluency. My students... more
        • Re: Fluency Recordings - byrdaw, Wed Nov 25 06:20
          For my middle schoolers, I use quiktime as a way for them to record their fluency. The students create a folder on their macbook to store their recordings. They read texts on their independent level... more
          • Recorded readings - shannonsilver, Mon Dec 7 21:05
            What do you have them read and record? Cold reads or something they have read before?
          • Recordings - haleyferrell, Tue Dec 1 12:18
            Last year I had 15 minute literacy rotations in my classroom for a group of four LD students. I had a listening center with various books that I had recorded. One day, one of my students wanted to... more
          • Fluency Timed Readings - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 25 08:56
            Adele: I've even had my first graders work with fluency partners and read and record their results after 1-minute timed readings. They enjoyed participating and seeing their fluency word-count rise.... more
    • reading discussion - amanda grindstaff, Thu Nov 12 03:08
      I think being of the frame of mind where I have to see something anymore for it to make sense I thought of the technology institute we had this summer when I was reading though a couple of these... more
      • Reading discussion - Regina, Sun Nov 22 19:36
        Amanda, I feel the same as you do, when we are teaching we are always learning new and better ways to do things. When I read the articles I thought back to when we first got the iPads. We did not... more
      • Re: reading discussion - byrdaw, Fri Nov 20 04:35
        I completely agree. I am blessed to work with a technology teacher in our building. The students are using the 3D printer to make parts for a wind mill of their own design and recording their process ... more
        • 3D Technology - Melanie McLeod, Sat Nov 21 07:46
          Adele: I think the 3D printer technology is wonderful. My daughter really enjoyed working with and learning about this new technology. I believe that exposing girls to this type of technological... more
      • Re: reading discussion - abramsjm, Fri Nov 13 20:53
        I understand what you are saying regarding making what we do each day have true meaning and count. Too often in the past, and even today, we require students to engage in busy work that really won't... more
        • Efficient Technology Use - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 16 19:50
          Technology is a way of life for modern-day students. As all educators, I want to learn as many new, efficient ways as possible to incorporate literacy activities/apps into my students' daily routine. ... more
          • Re: Efficient Technology Use - byrdaw, Wed Nov 18 21:29
            I agree that technology is a "way of life" for most students. The ability for students to appropriately use technology for educational purposes is a continual process. Simple acts such as using the... more
          • RE: tech use - abramsjm, Tue Nov 17 20:42
            Melanie, I too agree it has become a new way of life for all of us. It's imperitive to equip students today with this sort of knowledge and know how, so they can compete in the global workplace. That ... more
    • Reading Literacy & Technology Implementation - Melanie McLeod, Wed Nov 11 10:37
      What constitutes best practice? I have enjoyed reading about the SAMR Model for connecting technology to Bloom's Taxonomy higher-order thinking skills. I enjoyed reading Patricia Brown's article and... more
      • Reading Literacy &Technology Implementation - Martha Brown, Thu Nov 19 23:27
        Patricia Brown's article helped me with getting a better understanding of the literacy and technology implementation. It was especially helpful in making the comparison to the Starbucks coffee and... more
        • Re: Literacy & Implement. - abramsjm, Sat Nov 21 16:18
          Many of the reading apps now have a student profile feature which allows the teacher to tailor the app for each student's needs. For example, with reading app Raz-Kids, student profiles are loaded,... more
          • Raz-Kids - Melanie McLeod, Sun Nov 22 08:12
            Hi, Joanne: My class uses Raz-Kids everyday. It's a great tool to differentiate reading levels for each child. My students love to work through the libraries. I cannot imagine our classroom life... more
            • RE: Raz-kids - Abramsjm, Sun Nov 22 19:46
              Hi Melanie, I was thinking about Think Central and wondering if anyone still uses it? I have it on my bookmarks bar but it's been so long... I remember learning how to access it more than a year ago... more
              • Think Central - Megan Gouge, Wed Nov 25 09:43
                It is my understanding that there is a new app for Think Central making it more user friendly. I have not used it, but I heard Tommie telling Candi about it. I assume if it is an app, it won't lag... more
                • Think Central - abramsjm, Wed Nov 25 20:16
                  Thank you for letting me know that, I will look into it after we get back next week. I remember that I struggled to get that program up and running for my students, so maybe with a new format I may... more
              • Think Central - Melanie McLeod, Mon Nov 23 20:28
                Hey, Joanne: I use think central, too. However, it's not as user friendly as Raz-Kids. You have to set up your class, any groups you want, and assign books to the kids. It takes me approximately 10... more
                • Re:Thinkcentral - abramsjm, Wed Nov 25 20:13
                  Thank you Melanie for letting me know that we still have that as an option for our students. I will try and access it and see if I can get my class set up. If not Tommie can help me I'm sure. The... more
      • Reading - megangouge, Tue Nov 17 15:07
        Melanie, I agree that the SAMR model was helpful in that it gave technology skill levels. I hadn't heard of this before. I am mostly having my students work at the lowest two levels; Substitiution... more
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