Tue Dec 8, 2015 17:24

I also like the idea of setting goals for each child individually. This way they are working against themselves and they aren't worried about who has the most points and stressing over it. I remember those AR points being bothersome to me as a child. There were always children who were the top point getters, and it seemed that some children never got a chance to even get caught up because they were a little slower. I remember children who would just get books and try to take the test without reading the book so they could try to beat each other. This wasn't really doing anyone any good. Children were not really reading the book, they would just skim and take the test to try to pass it. This was also a bit unfair to the ones who tried to do their best and read the books like they were supposed to. I feel like Raz-kids and Reading A-z are a better approach because each child has their own personalized account. They have books on their level and they read and take the test as they need to at their own pace. This way they are only working to beat themselves, and not trying to get more points than their peers.

  • Re:AR - Martha_Brown, Sun Dec 6 23:29
    Your idea for teachers setting weekly or monthly goals for students is great. Each student would be working towards their own goal and this would be very motivating yet they would not be pressured to ... more
    • AR - walshjm2, Tue Dec 8 17:24
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