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Melanie McLeod
Word-a-Day Vocabulary
Mon Sep 7, 2015 18:25

I use Word-a-Day for 1st Grade. It has activities to go along with introducing each word, and it also has a cumulative review. I also feel somewhat lost for how to teach effective grade-level vocabulary words. However, I always clarify word-meanings as we read-aloud text.

  • Building Vocabulary - brittanyavery, Mon Sep 7 11:28
    For me, trying to build vocabulary always feel like I'm fumbling around in the dark not knowing what to do next. I've read and heard so many different opinions on front-loading vocab vs. teaching it... more
    • Building Vocabulary - haleyferrell, Tue Sep 8 08:37
      One tool that I have used in that past and that we continue to use in our school is Text Talk. Text Talk uses various children's books to showcase and identify new unknown vocabulary words. The... more
      • Re: Building Vocabulary - Candi, Thu Sep 10 15:33
        We just got text talk last year in K-1. I started using it last year and the students loved it. They enjoyed learning new words and using them, they would say they felt smarter. They also started... more
    • Word-a-Day Vocabulary - Melanie McLeod, Mon Sep 7 18:25
      • Word-a-day vocabulary - Regina, Wed Sep 9 21:04
        Hi Melanie, I really like the word a day vocabulary. I would love to try that in my classroom. Where did you get it?
        • Word a Day - Melanie McLeod, Wed Sep 9 21:10
          Hi, Regina: I downloaded the ebook from the teachers pay teachers website. It's a great resource.
          • Word A Day - Regina, Wed Sep 9 21:27
            Melanie, Thank you! I will look that up.
      • Re: Word-a-Day Vocabulary - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 8 09:33
        I really like the Word-a-Day. A new word each day is great to use with pre-school children as well for early vocabulary development. When new books are read and we get to a new word, it allows me a... more
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