Martha Brown
Re: Word-a-Day Vocabulary
Tue Sep 8, 2015 09:33

I really like the Word-a-Day. A new word each day is great to use with pre-school children as well for early vocabulary development. When new books are read and we get to a new word, it allows me a great opportunity to teach a new word. (sometimes for young parents I have worked with also)

  • Word-a-Day Vocabulary - Melanie McLeod, Mon Sep 7 18:25
    Brittany: I use Word-a-Day for 1st Grade. It has activities to go along with introducing each word, and it also has a cumulative review. I also feel somewhat lost for how to teach effective... more
    • Word-a-day vocabulary - Regina, Wed Sep 9 21:04
      Hi Melanie, I really like the word a day vocabulary. I would love to try that in my classroom. Where did you get it?
      • Word a Day - Melanie McLeod, Wed Sep 9 21:10
        Hi, Regina: I downloaded the ebook from the teachers pay teachers website. It's a great resource.
        • Word A Day - Regina, Wed Sep 9 21:27
          Melanie, Thank you! I will look that up.
    • Re: Word-a-Day Vocabulary - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 8 09:33
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