Melanie McLeod
Many Literacy Components
Tue Sep 8, 2015 20:40

Hi, Ms. Martha:

I have taught upper-elementary children for the majority of my career. However, I have moved down to the first grade level for the past three years. Everyone asks me how I like teaching in the lower-grades, and I tell them that I enjoy the children very much. However, I always say that this has been one of the most difficult transitions because there is a large leap from very beginning readers to early-fluent readers by the end of first grade. There is so much to teach younger children about all the components of literacy and have them achieve what the common core wants them to achieve.

  • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - Martha Brown, Tue Sep 8 09:25
    The reading was a lot of new information for me. I also read, listened to the lecture and reread the article. It continues to amaze me how the many parts need to come together in the process of... more
    • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - byrdaw, Wed Sep 9 19:11
      I agree with you Martha. It is a miraculous occurrence. What do you believe to be the key strategies or foundational instruction practices that aid students in the pre-k classroom?
      • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - Martha Brown, Thu Sep 10 13:36
        In the pre-k classroom, I believe that reading each day is a critical component. It is important for pre-school teachers to talk to and with children every day for vocabulary development and to ask... more
        • Re: Seeing a Bigger Picture - byrdaw, Thu Sep 17 20:33
          Thank you for responding to my question. I love learning what reading occurs in the pre-k classroom and how those foundations are lain. Labeling is an excellent way to develop language for ESL and... more
        • Fostering Literacy Development - Melanie McLeod, Thu Sep 10 17:32
          Ms. Martha: Your ideas for the pre-k classroom sound wonderful! I totally agree that pre-k teachers must refer to letter-sounds of student names, recognizing names, and labeling drawings as well as... more
    • Many Literacy Components - Melanie McLeod, Tue Sep 8 20:40
      • Re: Many Literacy Components - byrdaw, Wed Sep 9 19:14
        What are the most challenging components to teach in the foundational elementary years of instruction? Are there strategies that you have determined that work best for students that are identified... more
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