Tue Sep 8, 2015 23:17

The reason I asked was that once students realize that the words they are reading are to mean something to them it seems like it would be hard to make them read nonsense words because they are moving from relying heavily on print processing to comprehension. I think that the task should be used for students that have onset and rime issues and patterning issues. Even then I would hate to give them words that make no sense. I remember someone telling me that her daughter was scoring low on the NWF but was reading above grade level. It's like the student had to break down the structure that she had built in reading to go back and decode nonsense words just because the state required her to do so. SILLY!

  • NWF - joanne abrams, Tue Sep 8 19:49
    Hey Shannon, I was thinikng about your question and this is what I notice with assessing NWF. I do not notice my students struggling with NWF but rather the reverse, but in a sort of problamatic way... more
    • NWF - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 23:17
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