joanne abrams
Wed Sep 9, 2015 08:57

Yes, made it out alive is right Shannon!!...there is so much I look back on now mainly from my middle school grades on up and wonder why we were taught that way, but I guess that's what education is about...always changing and growing.

  • LOL - shannonsilver, Tue Sep 8 23:09
    I was thinking the same thing. It's a wonder how anybody ended up a writer the way we were taught to write in school. I remember that I hated writing because something was always wrong with it. It... more
    • Ditto! - megangouge, Wed Sep 9 16:50
      I had a similar experience in school! I hated writing because I can remember the 4th grade writing test and practicing for that. I did well when we did the practice ones that the teacher graded but... more
    • Re: LOL - joanne abrams, Wed Sep 9 08:57
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