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American Legion Florida theft by Legion Officer
Thu Oct 13, 2016 17:01

American Legion finance officer accused of embezzling more than $12,000 from the veterans’ organization has agreed to pay it all back in his quest to seek a first-time offender program.

Bernard Jaworski, 66, currently of Boynton Beach, Fla., appeared Wednesday in Bristol Superior Court, where he applied for Accelerated Rehabilitation (AR).

His $15,000 cash bond was ordered during the hearing to be returned to him and handed over directly to his attorney, who will get a majority of it to a representative of the legion.

Jaworski allegedly took $12,764 from the American Legion Brock Barnes Post 33, at 7 Race Ave. Police allege he wrote a number of checks to himself over the course of several months while he was the finance officer — a position he gave up in January.

After Jaworski left the legion, other members found a discrepancy in the budget that prompted them to report the missing funds to police.

Jaworski was arrested in May on 29 counts of second-degree forgery and one count of second-degree larceny.

At his next hearing on Sept. 7, members of the legion will have the opportunity to object to or support Jaworski using AR.

A judge will then decide if the program is appropriate.

Under the program, Jaworski could be placed on a form of pretrial probation for up to two years.

During that time, he would be required to avoid new charges and complete any court-ordered conditions.

Doing so would dismiss all charges.

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