American Legion says veterans are "moochers." American Legion coaches and commanders raping children, hate blacks
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Legion Steals
American Legion mgmt stealing from veterans
Wed Nov 30, 2016 17:43

American Legion lies to veterans and picks their pockets. American Legion coercing vets to pay yearly dues for lifetime memberships.

Life members signed up for a plan that required a large, up-front one-time fee. But posts across the state demand lifetime members to begin paying a yearly fee of $18.50 per lifetime member.

Tomas Leahy has been a lifetime member for 15 years. He paid $500 to join.

"We agreed to pay for life, to get the life membership, and all of a sudden we're changing horses in the middle of the stream," Leahy said.

A clause in the original agreement allowed American Legion posts to cover the costs of due increase over time. Now the funds to cover those increases have depleted, leaving members to foot the bill.

Post Commander Joe Dinino said there are a few options for members. They can either pay the $18.50 per year for a lifetime membership, get a regular membership for $40 a year, or sign up for a national lifetime membership.

"If I became a paid up life member for the national, at my age and in my category, I'd end up paying $751," Leahy said. He said he is not willing to pay that extra money.

Leahy said the extra $18.50 is not a problem for him financially, but he said it goes against the principle of a lifetime membership and that something needs to change.

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