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Oklahoma Spanking
Mon May 16, 2016 22:26

Hello, my name is Jace. I am a young professional spanker with three years of disciplinary expierience. I have recently returned to Oklahoma and have found the spankees in this state desperately in need of my services. I spank men and women for disciplinary infractions. My sessions often include chastizement and conversation. I have also spanked for motivational purposes and for clients who simply would like the experience. Feel free to email me at with any questions. This is the fastest way to reach me.

    • To Jacevires; I would love to be spanked by you my self if possible.I hav not had a good spanking in such a very long time & I am over due to be spanked by a disciplinarian such as your self if... more
    • naughty - m4chael, Fri Jul 7 23:54
      hi iam lax i need a paddle applied to my butt
      • Paddle - Jacevires, Tue May 8 04:14
        Lax, Email me at
      • Re: naughty - Jace, Fri Jul 7 23:58
        Hi lax please email me at
    • lazy - Mike, Thu Aug 25 08:49
      i go weeks at at a time not doing dishes i need motovation to get my ass in gear
      • Motivation - Jacevires, Tue May 8 04:16
        Mike, Email me at
      • Re:lazy - Jacevires, Sun Nov 13 16:32
        My apologizes. I had not checked this for some time. Do you still need help with you laziness?
        • discipline - Michael, Tue Aug 21 23:55
          hi i am tired and very lazy the dishes are pilling up and the clothes are pilling up need to be put away i only check my email on a week so it better to text me please 5808270710 so that i can send... more
          • I am also lazy my self jst as well & sure could use sme discipline my self 4 my laziness. My closet is a mess, I dnt get around 2 do any house chores like I am supposed 2 do & I am lazy 2 abt keeping ... more
        • Re:lazy - Anonymous, Tue Dec 27 17:15
          • Re:lazy - Jace, Tue Dec 27 17:42
            Please email me at
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