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Thu Aug 25, 2016 08:49

i go weeks at at a time not doing dishes i need motovation to get my ass in gear

  • Oklahoma Spanking - Jacevires, Mon May 16 22:26
    Hello, my name is Jace. I am a young professional spanker with three years of disciplinary expierience. I have recently returned to Oklahoma and have found the spankees in this state desperately in... more
    • To Jacevires; I would love to be spanked by you my self if possible.I hav not had a good spanking in such a very long time & I am over due to be spanked by a disciplinarian such as your self if... more
    • naughty - m4chael, Fri Jul 7 23:54
      hi iam lax i need a paddle applied to my butt
      • Paddle - Jacevires, Tue May 8 04:14
        Lax, Email me at
      • Re: naughty - Jace, Fri Jul 7 23:58
        Hi lax please email me at
    • lazy - Mike, Thu Aug 25 08:49
      • Motivation - Jacevires, Tue May 8 04:16
        Mike, Email me at
      • Re:lazy - Jacevires, Sun Nov 13 16:32
        My apologizes. I had not checked this for some time. Do you still need help with you laziness?
        • discipline - Michael, Tue Aug 21 23:55
          hi i am tired and very lazy the dishes are pilling up and the clothes are pilling up need to be put away i only check my email on a week so it better to text me please 5808270710 so that i can send... more
          • I am also lazy my self jst as well & sure could use sme discipline my self 4 my laziness. My closet is a mess, I dnt get around 2 do any house chores like I am supposed 2 do & I am lazy 2 abt keeping ... more
        • Re:lazy - Anonymous, Tue Dec 27 17:15
          • Re:lazy - Jace, Tue Dec 27 17:42
            Please email me at
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