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American Legion History Project Mark Seavey
American Legion treats blacks like slaves
Mon Aug 7, 2017 17:46
2601:6c1:c000:1da0:ecee:1edd:b4fd:1675 American Legion History Project Vol Five American Legion told Congress that it "made a grave mistake in granting citizenship to Negroes after the Civil War." American Legion history of excluding blacks from white posts, making black war heros march in back of parade, same "Americanism" traits as the KKK and the American Legion, American Legion Peekskill riot against black negro singer and activities Paul Robeson, American Legion beating of blacks and others at American Legioni Peeksill riot, American Legion lyching of black men, American Legion publications repeatedly using the insulting words and stories as "niggers", "niggahs" and darkies.

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Judge Elizabeth V Krier hates Vietnam War Veterans