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Goat Hill Classics - Long Beach CA
Sat Dec 31, 2016 19:46

As a recent owner of a 1968 Chevelle SS, thought that Paul Baker, owner of Goat Hill Classics that advertises under the ebay alias of "aarcgivehunter" was not only knowledgeable but an honest muscle car parts seller and business man. After all, selling at Corvettes of Carlisle, selling on ebay, very knowledgeable with the correct coil for a SS396, how could you go wrong. After sending a personal check based upon an invoice received from his office assistant Annie, I learned the hard way of this unethical, unprofessional, scam artist. He promised not once, but twice that the parts were on their way. His assistant even claimed that I was their first complaint since they are in business more that "27 years."

Check with Consumer Affairs in Long Beach CA, Goat Hill Classics has their worst rating, F. Check with Better Business Alliance inLong Beach CA, and Paul has 6 filed complaints, many unresponsive. And, it shows only in business since 2009, not the claimed 27 plus years. And on eBay, they have a 98.7% rating, with more than 14 negative feedbacks in past 6 months. Visit the Corvette and Camaro Technical Forums and they note the unethical practices of Goat Hill Classics. How they promise to deliver parts purchased in days and many are still waiting like myself for a part never being shipped.

The NCRS in fact it is claimed on one of the forums, has banned Goat Hill Classics from advertising due to their poor past performance.

Before you consider Paul Baker, Annie, and the company Goat Hill Classics located in Long Beach CA, that has attended the Corvette at Carlisle and possibly other events, check out and google complaints against their company. Visit eBay and check out the negative comments. Their company makes it bad for the hard working vendors like Greg Long, John Perrette, Groundup SS396 and many others from selling parts. Don't be a Goat, check out the vendor with the Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau and Better Business Alliance before buying. Look at eBay feedback, read the negatives and consider this could be you. Don't be fooled by the sweet talk, knowledge of Paul Baker.

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