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admin 818
1967 13817 Chevelle
Sun Oct 23, 2016 09:53

No way to know which 396 engine came in your Chevelle, the 325 or 350 hp version. As for the transmission, most likely a Muncie M20 wide ratio transmission. Check the trim tag on the firewall to see if it has M20 coded on it.

Numbers matching means it has the original engine and transmission in the car. The numbers that need to match are the partial VIN stamps on the engine block and transmission case. Unless you are very lucky to find the original components the best you could 'claim' is period or date correct but not numbers matching.

  • 1967 13817 Canadian built - Clint , Fri Sep 23 07:32
    Hello. I recently purchaesed a 1967 13817 canadian rolling chasis and frame but it does not have an engine or transmission.can someone help me find out the proper engine and trasmission i need for... more
    • 1967 13817 Chevelle - admin 818, Sun Oct 23 09:53
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