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Ohhh... a mystery?
Sun Feb 11, 2018 14:10

Parker stood there for a second, taking in what Professor X was saying. He didn't fully understand what the professor meant when he said her confidences were not her's to share, but it didn't sound like Cleo was sick. At least not in the way Parker had originally thought. Briefly Parker was relieved, Cleo wasn't sick, which was a good thing. But the sympathy in the professors voice, and the other words he used did not make it sound... good.

Parker looked at the professor for a second.

"I think we are her friends," Parker emphasizing the WE. Parker had begun talking and thinking together, and thought he knew what he wanted to say, but ran out of steam mid thought and thus the statement hung in the air with silence behind it. Parker wanted to help in some way, and if she wasn't sick, that meant that it would be harder.

Parker was beginning to realize whatever was happening was big, like the rest of someone's life has changed big. Like when the man showed up in his kitchen, but instead of good news, the man had delivered bad news. But Parker had no idea what the news was. That scared and excited him. He wanted to help, but also wanted to respect Cleo's wishes of being left alone. So getting Professor X to have some sort of activity for her to do might be a good thing...maybe.

Parker thought through what might make her happy. She always loved the garden and the labrynth. Maybe they could plan activities... no she didn't want to see anyone. That's what she said.

Parker looked at the professor, sorry that he had interrupted his lunch, but more sorry that he was standing here awkwardly in silence having said something that sounded like an accusation, which is not what Parker had intended.

"She said she doesn't want to see anyone right now when I saw her. But she seemed sad when she said it. Are there any gardening or labyrinth things that could be done by one person? Or one person and one of the little elf things? I'm worried she'll stay in her room, and if she's not sick, that's not... good right?"

  • Someone is, but not who you think - Professor Xavier, Sun Feb 11 13:18
    Nathan had mostly recovered from the shock of September First. The first day of classes had been one of his off days - Herbology only getting taught in the Tuesday-Thursday time slots - which had... more
    • Ohhh... a mystery? - Parker, Sun Feb 11 14:10
      • By now, I think we are up to three plague victims - Nathan Xavier, Wed Feb 14 18:55
        Nathan raised an eyebrow at Parker's inclusion of himself in Cleo's friend circle. He wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. He didn't want to seem like he was drawing away from a student he had... more
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